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Was watching Geraldo at Large on the FOX Cable Channel when he had Donald Trump on the telephone…

I Agree with Donald Trump about Our President showing his Birth Certificate!  It is not whether President Obama wants to show his Birth Certificate to anybody or not, It Is A Constitutional Requirement for Our President of these United States of America to have been BORN in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

If “We The People” (the ones that elected him into office) are refused to be shown the Birth Certificate of Our President, then WHO THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS???!!!

“We The People” have The Right to know that Our President was BORN in The United States of America and the Birth Certificate is the only Legal Document that proves where an individual was born!

This is a rediculous thing for President Obama to have on his List of Priorities, BUT, It Is The Easiest To Settle, Whether He Likes It Or Not, he needs to show AMERICANS that he was BORN in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Truthfully, I don’t see what the problem is!  I wasn’t BORN in THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA… I was BORN in Libya, Africa!!!  You know the place; the one  that is on every NEWS channel where they are fighting to take over the Capital City of Tripoli and maybe kick the President out of office!?  Yea, I was BORN there. 

But, I am a child of a United States Armed Forces Member.  I was BORN to AMERICANS!  Both my Father and Mother was BORN in AMERICA (Tennessee and Alabama), therefore I am Legally considered AMERICAN!  AND PROUD OF IT!  So, I don’t see where there would be a problem for Our President to show the entire UNITED STATES of AMERICA and The World a simple document to PROVE THAT  HE is AN AMERICAN!!!  I’M PROUD To Be AN AMERICAN, IS OUR PRESIDENT?

It Doesn’t Sound Like OUR PRESIDENT Is Proud Of Where He Comes From!?  OR He Would PROVE-IT!  Just like any AMERICAN that is Proud to be what they are!

No, I do not agree with Mr. Donald Trump when he said that he believed Our President is an AMERICAN!  I do not believe it because Our President is avoiding the topic, just like he avoids every topic in AMERICA and around The World that affects AMERICANS (Like it is just another bad taste in his mouth that he has to spit out)! 

Our President has been late to respond in every topic that the majority of AMERICANS in THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA are concerned about or Our President has been on the opposite side from the majority of AMERICANS on:

1 – Securing Our Borders – Specifically, The American/Mexican Border Fence-Line!  (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, & California)

2 – Supporting Our Federal Justice Department’s Law Suits Against Arizona!

3 – Supporting Our Federal Justice Department and a handful of Rouge States with breaking Federal Illegal Immigrant Laws!

4 – Trying to Get Amnesty Legislation Passed for Illegal Immigrants!

5 – Giving Massive Bail-Outs to Large, Unionized Corporations!

6 – Supporting/Promoting a Massive Government Take-Over of Our Health Care!

7 – The Government Take-Over of Student Loans!

8 – Trying to Close Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Prison

9 – Supporting Our Justice Department with Trying Terrorist On U.S. Soil

10 – Executing an Oil Moratorium against Our Oil Industries

11 – Supporting Our Justice Department with B.P. Oil Company

12 – Supporting Unions Against the Governor of Wisconsin

13 – Supporting EPA Regulations to “Control Carbon Emissions”!?  Effectively telling every AMERICAN that Our Government NOW has the right to tell YOU whether YOU can BREATH or NOT!!!

I can keep on going with this list, especially with the “WAR” in “AFRICA”, but I think I have made my point.  With everything Our President keeps doing AGAINST AMERICA, why the Hell are “WE THE PEOPLE” even hesitating to KICK HIM OUT!

And just one more thing… when you have “Hard-Core Liberals” like Whoopi Goldberg and that crew defending whether Our President should show his Birth Certificate or Not, YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE!!!  He doesn’t have an American Birth Certificate or this would not be a topic to discuss!